Dec 122013

Above the Fray - Selvage Media

Above The Fray: Program Aims to Teach Teens

to Use Social Media Responsibly

There is an urgent need for an open and honest conversation with teens, parents and teachers about responsible social media use.

In partnership with wellness expert Aja Uranga-Foster, Selvage Media has started an Indiegogo campaign that will run until Christmas. Their plan is to work with a teen focus group for the next few months, learning all they can about what life is really like for them in the social media trenches. They are then going to use that information to a create meaningful and tangible curriculum to share online and in classrooms. The goal is to launch Above The Fray before school gets out for summer.

Millions of teens are facing daily struggles, including:

  • Body Image
  • Predators
  • Sexting
  • Inappropriate Posts
  • Cyberbullying

Above The Fray wants to give young people tools to empower them to build healthy, positive relationships online and to overcome the dark sides of social media use.

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