Nov 102015

Coupon Mom Shares 7 Ways to Save Money at Target

7 Ways to Save Money at Target from Coupon Mom

Stephanie Nelson, founder of the 7 million member website, wants to share a few of her favorite secrets for getting the ultimate savings when shopping at Target!  With a little effort, you’ll be able to get great products with big savings every week.

1.  Find Advertised and Unadvertised Deals. One of the most popular deals lists on is our Target deals list because we list advertised and unadvertised deals, updated several times per week.  New advertised deals are added weekly when they change on Sundays. Continue reading »

Feb 192014

Home Safety Tips

Tips on Keeping Kids Safe from Household Hazards

Each year, more than 3.4 million children experience an unintentional injury in their homes. To help keep little ones safe, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) recommends these safety tips.

Keep dangerous items out of reach

The National Capital Poison Center reported that 52 percent of all poisoning victims in 2012 were under the age of 12. To ensure your children don’t become a part of the statistic, it’s important to take extra precautions to keep them away from dangerous household items. Continue reading »

Jan 072013

organize home files

7 Tips on How to Better Organize Your Life

Happy New Year! I look at January as a time to organize and kick off the new year clutter-free. I purge, create new files, plan my family calendar and get a rush from doing all this! If you’re looking to get a bit more organized in 2013, here are some things I’ve learned over the years.

1. Start Small, Stay Simple
Don’t try to organize your life all within a week. Start by implementing organization with something small (like your email) then tackle your desk and so on. Keep organizing systems simple and easy to use, and don’t waste money on all the products designed for organization. Instead, go the DIY route with these 10 common tools recommended by Houzz.

2. Do, File, Trash
Every piece of paper that comes across my desk at home or work gets labeled as “do,” “file” or “trash.” For every item with “do” I make sure the take action on by the end of every week. I file whatever I can immediately and shred everything else. At the end of every week, all three collections should be empty.

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Jan 012013

Money Saving Tips for 2013

13 Tips on How to Save Money in the New Year

Spending less and saving more money are among the top goals on typical New Year’s resolution lists. Heavy holiday spending coupled with potential tax hikes from the fiscal cliff make these goals even more important in 2013. To help, here are 13 easy ways to save money in 2013.

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Dec 292012

New Year's Resolutions

A Strategy to Stick with your New Year’s Resolutions!

Guest post from

Whether you are hoping to lose weight to spend more time with your family, a New Year’s resolution won’t work unless you have a plan. For most of us we say “I want to stop eating fast food” (that’s one of mine) or “I want to read more” (another one of mine) but if I don’t plan it out, I will not succeed. So when you jot down your New Year’s resolutions for 2013, you also need to write down a plan for each of them.

According to, there are things you can do to keep focus on your New Year’s resolutions:

1. Try to start slow, one resolution at a time
2. Try to be clear about what you want
3. Chalk out a plan — organize your thoughts and stick to the plan
4. Don’t wait to start planning on New Year’s only — plan now!
5. Learn from the past, and try to avoid making the same mistakes
6. Be positive about your resolution — a positive attitude is a great motivator

Here’s another great motivation — tell your friends and family about your New Year’s resolution. Having support from the people close to you will help you succeed. And when you do, be sure to share the celebration with others. This is a good time to toot your own horn. Especially if you conquer something really hard like losing weight or quitting smoking.

And if you are wondering, here are the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2013!

Hopefully this is the year that you are able to overcome the resolutions that plaques you every year! Good luck!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Please share your resolutions with us. Comment below and maybe we can help you stay on track!


Dec 272012

after  Christmas to do list

After Christmas ToDo List

For weeks the holiday season builds to a fever pitch, culminating in a massive day of giving, feasting and, hopefully, relaxing. After Christmas has come and gone, many of us feel a need to fill the void that was once occupied by festive music and twinkling lights.

With the National Retail Federation projecting average holiday spending at $749.51 per person, many of us will need to be cost-conscious about our post-holiday plans. If you’re already feeling the strain, you can learn a thing or two from fellow frugal consumers who know how to maximize the post-Christmas time.

Here are several things I recommend doing right after Christmas.

1. Self-Gift
Thanks to a constant bombardment of commercials and special sales, it’s hard to resist the temptation to self-gift. However, jumping the gun can leave you with duplicate presents you don’t have the ability to return. You can always keep them around to re-gift next year, but a better option is to wait until after Christmas to buy for yourself. You never know what will show up under the tree, keeping more cash in your pocket. Continue reading »

Dec 182012

Holding hands

The Little Things that Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Being a good husband isn’t rocket science; it’s doing simple, small things everyday to show your spouse how much you care. Being a great husband is all about respect. Here are some simple ways you can be a better husband and maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse.

Put Her Loofah on Top

I recently read a story online of a new wife who realized that every time she showered, her loofah was on top of her husbands and thus within easy reach. It turned out her husband made an effort every time he got finished showering to leave the shower ready for her to use. Now, you may not use loofahs or use the same hook in the shower to hang them on, but the idea can be applied to so many things in life. It only takes an extra second or two to make someone feel valued and special and that can make all the difference in their day.


Silence or an abrupt tone of voice can be interpreted as indifference, anger or frustration. Make an effort to communicate with your spouse and let her know what’s on your mind. When she asks about your day, take the time to talk about it and respond to other questions in the same way. If you need to vent, make that clear so she doesn’t feel that your frustration is directed to her and you don’t get advice you haven’t asked for. Most importantly, be a good listener so that you don’t miss that slight hesitation or awkward tone that lets you know if she’s not comfortable with something. Chances are, she doesn’t want to rock the boat, but if you ignore these little signs, resentment can build, creating an emotional distance. Communication allows you and your partner to gain a better understanding of one another. Sharing information builds trust and strengthens your relationship; it also brings you closer together.

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