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Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Group Photo w/ Logo

Dallas Children’s Theater Presents Lone Star Circus’ Charivari

With a loyal following that grows every year, Lone Star Circus puts on a show at the dawn of each new year filled with the artistry of multi-generational circus stars thanks to founder Fanny Kerwich who brings together these wonderful entertainers in what has become a favorite part of the holidays for many in the DFW area.

This year was no exception. There were so many performances in Charivari that were truly outstanding. A highlight of the evening was Jesse Patterson’s flawless hula hoop act. At just 16 years old, Jesse’s confidence and poise are amazing to watch. She makes twirling 30 hoops at one time look almost effortless!

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Jesse Patterson

Morgan and Cody’s double trapeze routine showed their strength and agility. It was a treat being able to see this gorgeous act up close.

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Morgan & Cody

Karoly and Anita Zeman kept us on the edge of our seats during their roller skating and BMX bike routines. At one point in the roller skating segment, Anita’s face was mere inches from their platform floor! And, when Karoly bounced his BMX bike across Anita’s body as she lay on the floor, I held my breath until he was fully across — wow!

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Karoly & Anita Zeman

Christian Stoinev defied gravity with his hand balancing act. Lending a major cuteness factor to this routine was a very talented Chihuahua named Scooby. This cute sidekick amazed the audience with his dexterity and his calm demeanor during such feats as standing still on Christian’s feet during a hand stand or doing his own tricks on Christian’s back while Christian balanced both of them with one hand.

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Christian Stoinev

Identical twins, The Fusco Brothers thrilled us with their solo and synchronized juggling skills. These guys are just fabulous to watch!

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Fusco Bros

Morgaine and Ryan’s beautiful ‘air’ tango was so elegant!

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Morgaine and Ryan

I’ve highlighted just a few, but Charivari features many other great performers like US Champion Shelby Kisiel, who opened the show with a wonderful rhythmic gymnastics routine; The Pompeyo Family and their rescue dogs who did so many wonderful tricks; Natalya Demina, who demonstrated such great skill with the aerial net; and Stephanie Stewart, an instructor at Lone Star Circus School, who showed such grace on the Spanish rope. Also worthy of mention is Thiago Nascimento, who accompanied several of the acts on piano and did a fantastic job!

Of course the cast would not be complete without fan favorites Slappy and Monday. These two are a joy to watch and truly the hippest clowns around. I really missed seeing more of them, although Alex Acero did a great job entertaining the audience throughout the performance.

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Slappy & Monday

This recap of my family’s experience wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the fabulous Liz Mikel who returned as the Mistress of Merriment and sang for us with that incredible voice of hers. Ms. Mikel was joined by a familiar face to DCT fans, BJ Cleveland, the boisterous Ring Master of Charivari.

Fun Fact: BJ’s neat hat was designed by a 15-year-old as part of a hat design contest Dallas Children’s Theater hosted over the summer. Find out more.

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Liz Mikel - BJ Cleveland

Fanny Kerwich herself joined in the circus fun of Charivari as the endearing cleaning lady whose dream it was to have her own circus! Here’s Fanny in a fun skit with Alex.

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Fanny Kerwich - Alex Acero

Opening night attendees of Charivari were also treated to a one-time only, surprise performance by Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter Erykah Badu, who played the piano during her daughter Puma’s trapeze/contortion act. Puma has been attending Lone Star Circus School for a couple of years.

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Erykah Badu

Charivari promises to be a hit with fans of all ages. You can enjoy the circus fun through January 5th at Dallas Children’s Theater and there are just a handful of performances left. Be sure to arrive 45 minutes before each performance and enjoy pre-show activities. To purchase your tickets, visit or call the DCT box office at 214-740-0051.

Don’t forget your camera for the post show meet & greet and autographs! Our son had a great time in a stare-down contest with Monday (Dick Monday) and the twins also enjoyed visiting with all the circus stars up close.

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Meet & Greet


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