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Marvel Universe Live - Finale - Cast

Review of Marvel Universe Live!

Superheroes and super villains duking it out and trying to one up each other’s prowess, cool motor cycle stunts, pyrotechnics and lots of special lighting effects – Marvel Universe Live! is a comic book come to life on stage.

The show opens in grand style with a montage of each character on the big screen, building excitement and setting the tone for coming attractions.  We learn that Loki is on a quest to clone the Cosmic Cube, the ultimate and highly coveted tesseract that would allow him to alter reality and control matter and energy. Spider-Man and the Avengers devise a plan to thwart Loki and the adventures begin.

Marvel Universe Live - Avengers - Spider Man

Although the show is based on an original story line, the characters remain true to their Marvel counterparts. The costumes were great, especially The Hulk, who blew the audience away if the loud cheers were any indication.

Marvel Universe Live! The Hulk

Since I had interviewed Max Dean, who plays Loki, his scenes were extra fun for all of us to watch and he did such a great job that we wanted to see more of him.

Marvel Universe Live - Loki - Max Dean

There was a lot of great choreographed fighting action, and the pyrotechnics and aerial stunts were really cool too.

Marvel Universe Live - Pyrotechnics - Cast

I was slightly disappointed in the first half because the sets seemed minimal and I kept waiting to see the virtual reality projections I had heard so much about. The second half of the show is where it all really happened for me. The sets were amazing and so vibrant! The motorcycle stunts were truly outstanding, edge of the seat type feats. Here’s a quick video, although apologies for the sound not being loud enough.

All the characters did a fabulous job throughout the show and the scenes were non-stop excitement. It was fun to see the female characters give just as good as the guys!

Marvel Universe Live! is great fun for all ages, but kids will especially enjoy all the color and movement. There are a couple of on screen visuals at the beginning and a few loud bangs throughout the show that may be too intense for some little ones, so parents may want to prepare ahead of time for this. The concessions, as always, are pricey, but half off kids’ tickets at the $40 and $65 level should help.

Marvel Universe Live!

We had fun at Marvel Universe Live! and I’m glad that we got to go.  There are only two shows left in Dallas – 11am and 3pm on Sunday, Feb 1st. Tickets are available at www.ticketmaster.com or by calling 800-745-3000. To discover more about Marvel Universe Live!, go to www.marveluniverselive.com


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