Nov 252012

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We caught the opening night performance of Disney on Ice : Treasure Trove last week at the Allen Event Center. It was so much fun – great show!

The performance started out with The Incredibles and some random cast members whose job it seemed to be to rev up the audience by encouraging everyone to get up and move. This opening didn’t seem to resonate much with the audience. I think bringing out a few of the villains and doing some crime fighting would have been more entertaining, as my hubby suggested.

Next to come out were long time favorites, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald — love these guys! They chatted with the audience about the upcoming stories. The foursome came out one more time and during the finale, and were a joy to watch.

Disney on Ice : Treasure Trove - Mickey & the Gang

The rest of the show seamlessly wove together highlights from the story lines of Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Lion King, Peter Pan; and Disney princesses, Snow White, Ariel, Tiana and Rapunzel.

The face card ensemble in Alice in Wonderland had great synchronization.

Disney on Ice : Treasure Trove - Alice Facecards - TheMomsJournal

Aladdin and Jasmine wowed us with their magic carpet ride. The cute skating elephant was a huge surprise and I can’t imagine what it took to coordinate this big character on the ice! And, of course, the Genie was hilarious as usual.

Disney on Ice : Treasure Trove - Alladin -

Peter Pan’s battle with Captain Hook was exciting to watch.  Tinker Bell’s entrance on a zip line was awesome! The alligator wasn’t scary, but he sure made Captain Hook nervous. Here’s a photo of Peter Pan after the battle. The smoke screen was a bit thick, but it’s easy to see the triumph on Peter’s face.

Disney on Ice : Treasure Trove - Peter Pan - TheMomsJournal

The costumes in the Ariel set were incredibly vibrant. They literally glowed in the dark.

Disney on Ice : Treasure Trove - Ariel - TheMomsJournal

Snow White and the seven dwarfs were so much fun! I was glad to see that the magic mirror was toned down relative to how emphasized and scary looking it was in the Disney Live show that we saw last year. The story lines for Princess and the Frog, and Tangled seemed a bit short, and I missed seeing Maximus (Disney on Ice : Dare to Dream), but we enjoyed them.

By far, the skating in the Lion King set was the best in the show. Lots of spins and complex lifts — really fantastic! The stampede of Wildebeest was quite realistic looking and nicely done. The scene where Mufasa dies was sad, but a necessary part of the story line. Thankfully, it was brief and not overly done.

Disney on Ice : Treasure Trove - Lion King - TheMomsJournal

The Treasure Trove finale was spectacular and ended the show with an explosive bang! So exciting to see all the Disney princesses (except for Pocahontas) at one time.

Disney on Ice : Treasure Trove - Princesses - TheMomsJournal

Disney on Ice : Treasure Trove was enchanting not only because of seeing some of our favorite story lines come to life, but because the show itself was fabulously put together. My two 9-year-olds really enjoyed it. The concessions seemed pricier than usual so do be prepared to spend a lot for these extras. Parking is free at the Allen Event Center which is great. The entire performance was about two hours and there’s a 15 – 20 minute intermission that’s timed just right.

Treasure Trove is playing at the Allen Event Center through November 25th. For more information and performance times in DFW and other venues visit,

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