Mar 262012

There are so many different projects that kids can do to celebrate spring! Here are a few easy spring crafts for kids that I found on the internet. Some adult supervision may be required, but what a great way to spend quality time with your children!


Tissue Paper Bunny


Easy Kids Crafts for Spring - Tissue Bunny

This one might be take a little more time than some of the others, but the end result is great. You can get creative and try other shapes too. Here are the instructions from

Blue Bird Nest


Easy Kids Crafts - Blue Bird Plate

All you need to create this wonder scene of a blue bird watching over her eggs is some felt, a bit of moss and a paper plate. You can find how to put it all together at Really, how cute and special is this?


Pipecleaner Finger Puppets


Easy Kids Crafts - Pipecleaner Finger Puppets

These little creatures make the perfect BFF gift for the classroom My daughter and I enjoyed making them and they are really easy to create. Detailed instructions can be found at


Egg Carton Tulips


Easy Kids Crafts for Spring - Egg Carton Tulips

Make a bouquet of these cute tulips from an old egg carton. According to, the trick is to use contrasting colored tissue paper to make a colorful display.



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