Jul 022011

This post is first in a series I’m writing on Sparrow Hatchlings our family seems to have adopted over the last few weeks after a mama Sparrow laid eggs in a toy pail on our patio.

A couple of weeks ago, we discovered that a bird had laid four eggs inside an old toy, beach pail that was sitting on a shelf on the patio. These were tiny, speckled 3/4 inch eggs. My husband happened to see one day that it was a Sparrow because he caught her sitting on her eggs. Today, one of the eggs hatched so we have our first ever Sparrow hatchling. His eyes are HUGE, but covered with some kind of see through membrane. And, he has no feathers. I say he, but it could be a she! Anyway, here are a few pics of our first little hatchling.

Here it is still half in the shell.

Check out those big eyes!


I’m hungry!


I’m intrigued by the complexity of this nest. I can’t imagine how long it took that little mama bird to build it. And, papa bird would have had to sneak in and fertilize the eggs at some point too. How neat that our family gets to experience this story as it develops! I sure hope that this little family survives and thrives!


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