Dec 092012

Santa's Village Richardson - Polar Scene

Last night, we met up with our brother-in-law and his family at Santas Village in Richardson. This was our first time to see it at night. The twins and I had been there for a day time field trip when they were in Kindergarten, but we’ve never managed to make it there at night until now. It’s only open about three weekends in December from 6-9 pm, so by the time we thought about it, it was usually over.

What a neat place, but boy was it crowded! There’s no charge to visit, which is likely why it’s so popular. We got there just in time to see Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive in style in their Richardson Fire Truck — what a grand entrance! The duo stepped off the truck and shook hands with a few folks then off they went to their respective village dwellings. I saw people starting to follow them so I rounded up the twins and did the same so we could find a good spot to wait for Daddy while he parked the car. Good thing I headed in that direction because that was, apparently, everyone starting to get in line to visit with Santa – yikes!

Santa’s dwelling is near the BIG tree with all the lights. It’s iconic so you can’t miss it.

Santas Village Richardson - Reaching for the Big Tree

Here are the twins with their cousin reaching up to try to touch the lights. Sorry kids, it just wasn’t going to happen — but great try and great photo too!

It took about 45 minutes waiting in line to finally get to Santa, but there are several costumed characters that walk around to entertain the crowd. Thankfully, by the time our kids started getting antsy, we had gotten to the point where this wonderful clown treated us to some fun tricks. About that point in line, we also had a distant view of the stage where there are shows every 30 minutes. We caught a glimpse of some ballerinas and a choir. We didn’t get a chance to see any of the shows, but maybe next time.

Santa's Village Richardson - Clown Entertainment

We finally got up to see Santa.The twins were really worried that he would ask them if they’ve been nice or naughty! LOL! I said it was okay to tell him “a little of both.” They were relieved that Santa just asked them what was on their wish list. I should note that we so appreciated being able to take our own pictures with Santa rather than having to buy a photo from the official photographer that was there. If you forget your camera though, you can get your child’s photo from the photographer’s internet site; they give you a card with a number on it to reference your child’s photo.

After the visit with Santa, we decided to walk around and it was very apparent that lines to the various exhibits were going to be long throughout the village. We came up to the petting zoo and were glad to see that there wasn’t a line at all! I call it a petting zoo because that’s how they refer to it, but it was really just a pen that held three goats who were sweet enough to tolerate all the petting they were getting. One of them even gave the kids a few licks on their hands.

Santas Village Richardson - Petting Zoo

There is so much to see and do at Santa’s Village in Richardson. Our kids got to make ornaments in the Ornament Factory, visit with Mrs. Clause and get special “magic” cookies and our son got to visit with MacGruff and try on a police uniform at Santa’s Police Station. These are just a handful of the activities available at Santa’s Village. It is pretty crowded, but if you can manage a bit of patience and good cheer, it’s a great way to spend the evening with your family. There are lots of photo ops too, so don’t forget your camera!


The last weekend to see Santa’s Village in Richardson is next weekend, December 13-16. You can get more information at

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