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Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Jesse Patterson

Jesse Patterson, Practice Makes Perfect

by Mina Frannea

Watching Jesse Patterson perform her hula hoop act in Lone Star Circus‘ all new holiday show Charivari was a highlight of the evening for my family. I was completely blown away and words such as “flawless” and “graceful” ran through my head as I watched her. At just 16 years old, Jesse displays a confidence and poise on stage beyond her years.

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Jesse PattersonNot surprisingly, this young lady practices six days a week for about 1-3 hours per session; she also works out with her Dad a couple of times a week. In spite of her demanding, self-imposed  training schedule, Jesse enjoys school and maintains good grades. For fun, Jesse likes going to movies with her friends.

At age 10, Jesse started studying the trapeze at Lone Star Circus School. A couple of years ago, she was inspired to try her hand at hula hooping when she saw Fanny Kerwich, founder of Lone Star Circus, perform a routine with another circus school student. Jesse is currently adding to her repertoire of circus skills by learning to perform on the aerial ring. This busy teenager also coaches young kids in the circus arts during an after school program at Dallas International School provided by Lone Star Circus School.

Jesse’s dedication to her art stems from a love of the circus and supportive parents who encourage her to follow her dreams. Her advice to kids who want to follow in her footsteps? “Practice makes perfect” the teen says. “If you want to be in the circus, practice!”

For parents whose children are interested in pursuing circus arts, Jesse’s Mom Cynthia suggests the American Youth Circus Organization as a good resource. Parents should also enroll their children in circus classes/camps and network with parents of other students. Jesse has also trained with a private coach and for children who want to pursue a career in circus arts, this additional type of training is also a consideration.

When she is performing her hula hoop act, Jesse seems quite relaxed. How does this teen manage to twirl multiple hula hoops (even 30 at a time!) and make it look so easy and graceful? Muscle Memory and repetition are key she tells me. Great choreography also helps and Jesse credits Kerwich for arranging her routine in Charivari.

Lone Star Circus - Charivari - Jesse Patterson

Choreography and art direction are long term career aspirations for Jesse Patterson along with continuing to perform professionally. In the mean time, Jesse is hoping to join the cast of a festival in Paris and is putting together an audition reel with the help of Fanny Kerwich. And, of course, she looks forward to participating in future Lone Star Circus productions!


Mina Frannea Mina Frannea is an online media professional. She is the editor and social media manager at North Texas Kids Magazine as well as the Marketing and Public Relations Director for Actor Richard Hatch. Mina enjoys the Arts, Sci-Fi, new technology, cooking, enlightening discussions and sharing relevant information on her blog TheMomsJournal.  Mina also provides PR services for conventions and other events.



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