Jan 282012

Lego Man in Space

Canadian Teens Launch Lego Man into Space!


That’s right! About two weeks ago, two Canadian teens successfully launched a Lego man into near space (just above the earth’s surface) equipped with four cameras and a cell phone with a GPS app. The 2″ Lego man was given a Canadian flag to hold during his adventure. Lego man and his media devices were launched via a professional weather balloon that the boys bought online. The teens also sent up a homemade parachute, hoping to allow for a safe landing so they could retrieve their Lego man and equipment.

Based on the boys’ calculations, once launched, the balloon reached about 80,000 feet before it popped and started its descent (which took about 32 minutes). The boys were able to retrieve their project safely and, thanks to the media equipment they sent up, they ended up with a couple of videos and about 1,500 pictures of the earth. All together, the boys calculate the flight and landing took about 97 minutes.

The two 17-year-olds, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, did this project for fun and because they thought it was cool. They spent about $400 on this project. The boys also checked to make sure the flight wouldn’t be dangerous or illegal before they considered launching. Read a full length feature interview with the teens at thestar.com.

Check out this video where the teens talk about their Lego man in space project and show excerpts of video and photos they were able to capture.The video has gone viral and is causing a lot of buzz! Easy to see why since it is really cool!


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