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Review of Oh La La! Presented by Lone Star Circus

Lone Star Circus infuses this year’s exciting circus spectacular Oh La La! with a chic western flair, a great ensemble of music and a talented cast of internationally renowned entertainers.

When Fanny Kerwich, creative director and founder of Lone Star Circus puts together a show, it’s important to her to create a memorable, vibrant and fun cirque experience that everyone can enjoy. Not surprisingly, Lone Star Circus’ annual productions, which celebrate and usher in the New Year in great style, have developed a huge fan following that grows every year. What most folks may not know is that the show literally comes together in about 2 – 3 days. Quite impressive considering the caliber of the performances. Each act is performed by experienced circus professionals who mesmerize the audience with their brilliant skill in the circus arts.

Unique to this year’s production, directed by Kerwich and Dimitri Bogatirev, is a western theme that brings with it a sense of good old fashioned Texas pride. Serenading the crowd in between introducing acts, show host Gary Lynn Floyd has a relaxed, southern manner about him and does a great job bringing a cohesive flow to the production.

Lone Star Circus - Oh La La - TheMomsJournal

The handsome, singing cowboy’s charms are not lost on Slappy of the dynamic duo clown act Slappy & Monday, who gushes at Floyd while Monday looks on dubiously. Lending an additional touch of humor to these scenes is Thiago X. Nascimento on the piano.

Lone Star Circus - Oh La La - TheMomsJournal

Always a joy to watch, Slappy & Monday bill themselves as “Slim Pickens” for Oh La La! and make the audience roar with laughter with their silly antics. Their parody of Mr. and Mrs. G’s thrilling crossbow sharpshooting act was a hoot and they were hysterically funny during their inner tube horse skit and throughout the show!

Lone Star Circus - Slappy Monday - Oh La La - TheMomsJournal

The Crossbow Sharpshooting act by Mr. and Mrs. G had an interesting mix of passionate ballroom dancing and a few hair-raising moments when the couple shot at each other with crossbows. This act is a nice addition to Lone Star Circus’ annual production.

Lone Star Circus - Oh La La! - TheMomsJournal

When Yana Ryjova started her Hand Balancing and Contortion act, she bent her entire body backwards until her toes were literally touching her ears. Then she brought out her hand balancing stands and performed a lovely routine that showed her strength and agility. At one point, Ryjova balanced on a stand with her mouth, her entire body contorted backwards – truly amazing!

Lone Star Circus - Oh La La! - hand balancing - TheMomsJournal

Wes Mathewson manipulated the Cyr Wheel wonderfully. This self-taught Texas native was able to show a nice range of emotion during his act as well.

Lone Star Circus - Oh La La! - Wes Mathewson - TheMomsJournal

So many great performances this year in Oh La La! AJ Silver did a fabulous job with Trick Roping. He also played cameo roles throughout the show which was a nice touch. Maria Wolf incorporated a few western moves into her fun Diabolo juggling act and Catherine Hanneford was elegant in her first solo performance on the Lyra. Hanneford later performed with her Dad and siblings in The Poema Family’s Risley Act. Asaf Mor made it seem effortless twisting his body every which way on the Corde Lisse (aerial rope). His facial expressions showed a true delight in performing his art. The Pompeyo Family and their rescue dogs really impressed us this year and the addition of a fluffy white cat to the routine was a nice surprise.

Lone Star Circus - Oh La La! - Pompeyo Family - TheMomsJournal

Another animal that graced us with his presence was Khnum, a beautiful black stallion. His handler Riz Ilyas did a great job keeping the big animal calm during the horse’s appearances in the show.

Lone Star Circus - Horse - Oh La La! - TheMomsJournal

Hula Hoop artist Jesse Patterson amazed as always with her routine. For Oh La La!, the young circus performer added 10 more hoops than last year, twirling 40 hula hoops during her finale!

Lone Star Circus - Oh La La! - Jesse Patterson - TheMomsJournal

If you’ve never been to a Lone Star Circus holiday production, you’re really missing something special. Take your family to Oh La La! and see the magic of the circus come alive in the intimate theater setting at Dallas Children’s Theater. Bring your camera for the post-show autograph session where your family can visit with the cast up close and personal. Oh La La! is playing through Sunday, January 4, 2015. You can get tickets at dct.org or by calling the Dallas Children’s Theater box office at 214-740-0051.

Lone Star Circus - Oh La La! - TheMomsJournal

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  1. Thank you so much! =) Knowing that you enjoyed the show means a lot to me and Lone Star Circus!
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