Aug 252013

Lunchbox Buddies - Silly Notes for Kids Lunchboxes

Fun Notes to Send in Your Kids Lunchboxes

I love sending little notes in my twins’ lunch boxes and these notes that the folks at Lunchbox Buddies sent me to try are really fun! Each note has a goofy character on it that has a silly name with a fun message. I think my 5th graders will like them and they look appropriate for younger kids too.

At first glance, I thought the characters might appeal to boys only, but as I flipped through the book of 20 notes, I found a few that my daughter will enjoy too. They are just plain funny!

The notes are made of paper that’s almost thick enough to be card stock so kids can use them as trading cards if they like. They can also color in the characters for extra fun.

I can’t wait to send these hilarious notes to school with my kids and to hear what they have to say! Best part is the mushiness of the messages won’t embarrass my 5th graders because they and their friends will likely be focused on the goofy characters – a BIG win for Moms & Dads!

Want to check out Lunchbox Buddies for yourself? Visit their website at  You can also find Lunchbox Buddies on Facebook.

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