Jul 032011

This post is second in a series I’m writing on Sparrow Hatchlings our family seems to have adopted over the last few weeks after a mama Sparrow laid eggs in a toy pail on our patio. Here is the first post if you missed it: First Sparrow Hatchling!

The second sparrow hatchling arrived into the world today. He looks a lot smaller in the photos below, but that may be because his body was still partially in the shell when my husband took the photos. The first hatchling seems to be doing well. Both have pink skin that’s paper thin with big eyes.

Mama Sparrow came back after about an hour yesterday, presumably to feed her little one. Today, the first shell is gone and we speculated that she must have eaten it. Sure enough, I did a bit of research and bird parents eat the shell not only for nutrition (lots of calcium!), but also to clean up the nest. How efficient is that?

Here’s the second little hatchling still in his shell. His sibling is right next to him on the right.

Here he is with his bottom half still in the shell.

Trying to sit up?

I’m hungry!

Where’s mama? I’m still hungry!

And here’s mama sitting on her babies, presumably to keep them warm.

Remember, the nest is in a small beach pail on a shelf on our patio. You can see the perspective of how small it is in the photo above, so you can imagine how tiny these babies are!

I’m so excited to be able to to document this wonderful experience!

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