Jul 092011

This post is third in a series I’m writing on Sparrow Hatchlings our family seems to have adopted over the last few weeks after a mama Sparrow laid eggs in a toy pail on our patio. Here are the first two posts so you can catch up: First Sparrow Hatchling! and Second Sparrow Hatchling has arrived!

Of the four eggs that were in the nest, three Sparrow hatchlings have come in to the world. Unfortunately, the fourth egg did not hatch and has since disappeared from the nest. We assume mama Sparrow has fed the egg to the other hatchlings.

These little ones get a tiny bit bigger every day. Just last week, they were only as big as the top of my pinky. They’re eyes weren’t open and they made no sound.¬†They had no feathers on their bodies, but they each had a feather mohawk!


This week, their bodies are about as big as a Texas sized jelly bean!¬†They’re growing feathers on their bodies, their eyes are starting to open and they are making little chirping sounds! Check out how awesome the beginning of those feathers look!

What hasn’t changed is that that the minute they sense or hear someone at the opening of their nest, each pops their head up, mouth wide open. When they realize it’s not mama back with food, they go back to sleep. It’s so funny! Here’s an image of three open mouths. Look closely and you’ll be able to see that their eyes are open.

It’s amazing having the privilege of seeing these littles ones develop!

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