Jul 102012

Great Wolf Lodge and Dallas Zoo bring wildlife to resort guests

Fridays at Great Wolf Lodge are Something to Howl About


Guests staying at the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine resort will get up close and personal with several of the Dallas Zoo’s most popular residents.  

Each Friday through July 27 the Dallas Zoo’s Animal Outreach Team will pay a visit to Great Wolf Lodge, giving resort guests the opportunity to “meet” some of the zoo’s furry, feathered and scaly friends. The 45-minute Animal Adventure Program will feature eight animals and two of the Zoo’s animal specialists to answer questions. Guests will also have the opportunity to pose for photos and learn more about these unique animals. For more information, visit http://www.greatwolf.com/.



Jun 212012

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters - Dallas Children's Theater

Celebrate goodness, generosity and love with Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

When a great African king desires a wife, only the most worthy and beautiful maidens in the land are invited to meet him.  Mufaro, a dignified and caring African villager, has two beautiful daughters. When Mufaro leaves for the hunt and the sisters are alone, Manyara is always angry, while Nyasha is positive and kind.  Chenzira, a messenger, brings word that the Great King is inviting all of the “Most Worthy and Beautiful Daughters in the Land to appear before him” so that he might choose his Queen.  Mufaro is very pleased that both of his daughters should be selected and agrees to accompany them at sunrise. That night, Manyara, believing herself better and prettier than her sister, sets out alone so that she can be presented to the king first. What will happen to each girl as she responds to hooting owls, enchanted trees laughing and the other strange beings they encounter along the way?
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