Nov 102012

November games

Fun Math Games for November

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We are all about leaves in our house right now, especially jumping in great big piles of them in the garden! I have two lively children who love active play, so when it comes to learning I try to find as many ways to make it playful as I can. We had lots of leaf prints left over from making fall leaf wreaths, so I’ve combined them with some number games so my girls can enjoy moving around and playing some full body math games.

I made a set of number leaves to start off with. I took our art leaf prints and wrote numbers on them, and then laminated them to make them robust enough to play with. You can write on any set of numbers that match with the number facts your children are working on – and if you have kids of mixed ages you can adapt the games so everyone gets a chance to play, and gets a math challenge that’s right for them. Once you have your set of leaf numbers you’re ready to play lots of active math games. Continue reading »