Feb 072012

Giant Whale Shark Karachi

When we went to see the Planet Shark exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science a few weeks ago, there was a nice, life size display of a variety of sharks against one wall.  The biggest we saw was the great white shark, but the giant whale shark that washed ashore in Karachi today (Feb 7th) is HUGE compared to that one!

Apparently this whale shark is about 40 feet long and about 6 feet in diameter. It was spotted about 10 days ago just of the coast of Karachi and washed ashore today where it had to be hoisted up by three canes.

Giant Whale Shark Found in Karachi

Local residents bid on the shark and it was sold for 1.7 million rupees (about $18,758 US dollars).  The whale shark is hunted for its meat, oil, and fins, etc.

Image Credit: Akhtar Soomro/ Reuters