Aug 302012

Trader Joe's Opening in Plano

Many have been looking forward to having Trader Joe’s stores open in Texas. The first store opened in Fort Worth in June. The Trader Joe’s website shows that the 2nd Texas store will open in Plano on September 7 — Yay!

We’re all excited and can’t wait to shop there. Although I imagine it will be a mad house, so maybe I’ll wait until the following week and go when the kiddos are in school.

You’re either a Trader Joe’s fan or not. Some people don’t like that the overall selection is not elaborate. Others love the specialty and gourmet items that don’t cost a whole lot relative to Central Markets or Whole Foods. That’s what I like about Trader Joe’s.

My favorites are the Chai Tea Latte mix and the spicy dried mangos – Yum!

The Plano store will be located at Park Boulevard and Preston Road.