Jun 292011

The Museum of Nature and Science is offering their special Electric Theater and Fire & Ice stage shows this 4th of July weekend. These special presentations are FREE to members and included with the cost of general admission for non-members. Both shows run 7/2 – 7/4; times are listed below.

From the MNS website:

Electric Theater – 1pm

Explore the world of electricity and magnetism through this exciting (and “shockingly” cool) demonstration. Volunteers will join our presenter on stage to demonstrate the workings of Van der Graaf generators, electromagnets, step-down transformers, Tesla coils and more!

Fire & Ice – 3pm

This explosively entertaining program teaches about the states of matter in a unique way. Volunteers help the presenter explore how temperature affects matter. Both physical and chemical changes are demonstrated using fire and liquid nitrogen.

Visit this page on the MNS website for more information and video excerpts of each show.

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