Mar 182011

The twins and I met some friends for lunch at the Neuhaus Cafe the other day. I had their Cobb salad with turkey bacon and it was really good. Talk about filling. The combination of spinach with romaine lettuce, two kinds of cheeses (blue cheese and cheddar), along with a whole boiled egg made for a hearty lunch. The twins enjoyed cheese pizza and some of my salad. Although it ended up being an expensive lunch, I would probably consider having dinner there or do take out dinner because I know I’m going to crave that salad at some point.

We topped of our little epicurean adventure with a stop next door at the Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt place. Wow! Their mini at $1.99 is perfect! They let you sample the different yogurt flavors and then you can pick out 3 toppings out of several choices. Twin brother opted for coconut yogurt, gummi bears, shredded coconut and chocolate shavings. Twin sister opted for mango yogurt with chocolate shavings, gummi bears and chocolate mini chips. Mom stuck with plain old vanilla yogurt, although I wish I’d gotten the mango instead because the vanilla┬ástarts to taste a bit bitter the more you eat it and the mango was true to it’s first taste. My toppings of honey almond granola x2 and dark chocolate mini sprinkles were just perfect! I would definitely take the kids to the Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt again!

Check out the Pink Berry toppings we had to choose from:


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