Dec 272012

after  Christmas to do list

After Christmas ToDo List

For weeks the holiday season builds to a fever pitch, culminating in a massive day of giving, feasting and, hopefully, relaxing. After Christmas has come and gone, many of us feel a need to fill the void that was once occupied by festive music and twinkling lights.

With the National Retail Federation projecting average holiday spending at $749.51 per person, many of us will need to be cost-conscious about our post-holiday plans. If you’re already feeling the strain, you can learn a thing or two from fellow frugal consumers who know how to maximize the post-Christmas time.

Here are several things I recommend doing right after Christmas.

1. Self-Gift
Thanks to a constant bombardment of commercials and special sales, it’s hard to resist the temptation to self-gift. However, jumping the gun can leave you with duplicate presents you don’t have the ability to return. You can always keep them around to re-gift next year, but a better option is to wait until after Christmas to buy for yourself. You never know what will show up under the tree, keeping more cash in your pocket. Continue reading »