Jan 132015

Marvel Universe Live!

Marvel Universe Live! is Coming to American Airlines Center

January 30th through February 1st, 2015

Marvel fans, assemble! Marvel Universe LIVE! is taking the live entertainment experience to a whole new level, with a mind-blowing show unlike anything you’ve seen before. Watch your favorite Marvel Super Heroes including Spider-Man and The Avengers (Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk and more) and threatening villains come to life in an action-packed arena extravaganza. Continue reading »

Mar 282013

Galacticon 3 - Battlestar Galactica - Sci Fi Con GalactiCon 3 : May 23 – 26, 2013

Adventure…fantasy…possibilities…the epic battle between good and evil…a sense of something bigger than yourself — that’s how Battlestar Galactica resonated with me when I watched the original series as a young girl. I remember sitting on the edge of my seat when the Colonial Vipers engaged in battle with the Cylon Raiders. I cheered for every success, sat in angst when one of the squadron pilots was in trouble. Apollo and Starbuck were my heroes.

Battlestar Galactica original - Apollo and Starbuck - Richard Hatch & Dirk Benedict Continue reading »