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Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream Finale Castle

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream Finale Castle

A princess who turns into a frog after kissing one, a glass slipper that transforms a cinder girl into a princess and enchanted hair that glows and grows


As I watched Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream, I was reminded of a time when life was filled with pure joy and innocence, when magic and make believe filled fanciful day dreams. And, when I looked over at my daughter to see her face lit up with pleasure as she watched her [current] favorite princess perform; and saw a hint of a smile on my mom’s face that spoke more of nostalgia than doting grandma as she watched the scenes unfold, I truly felt the magic that is Disney….

Dare to Dream opens with a lively skating performance followed by Mickey, Minnie, Daffy and Goofy making an appearance to introduce what the show is about. The beloved characters also make quick appearances in between sets to introduce the upcoming story line and entertain the audience with the funny banter for which they are so well known.


Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream Mickey,Minnie,Goofy and Daffy


The show is comprised of three vignettes starting with Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, followed by the classic Cinderella and then Rapunzel from Tangled, a big favorite with the audience. Each story line is nicely done with wonderful costumes, great backdrops and tremendous skating skill by the performers. The show also does a great job incorporating “instant” transformations so that the overall effect is a seamless presentation for the audience. Dare to Dream also features special appearances by ALL the Disney princesses during the finale!


Highlights and favorite scenes from the show


Tiana’s transformation into a frog after she kissed the frog [prince] caught me by surprise since I’m not very familiar with the movie, but my daughter, who has watched all the Disney princess movies multiple times, was surprised that I didn’t know this fact! Guess this mom needs to brush up on her knowledge of some of the newer princess fairy tales. Maybe these trivia questions will help!

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream Tiana Kissing Frog

My camera doesn’t seem to be doing justice to the vibrant colors used throughout the show, but this scene from Tiana’s segment is a decent representation. The scene shows Tiana after her transformation into a frog.

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream Tiana as a Frog


Cinderella’s carriage is absolutely gorgeous! Take a look quickly because it only makes one appearance and then disappears for good!

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream - Cinderella's Carriage


Gold colored aerial silks are used during the Tangled set to represent Rapunzel’s lengthy blond tresses. The audience erupts with applause when Rapunzel and Flynn Rider do circus like tricks on the aerial silks.

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dreams Tangled - Aerial Silks


The Tangled set wouldn’t have been complete without the appearance of Maximus who becomes putty in Rapunzel’s hands! (Can’t imagine how the two people in that costume managed it, but they did a great job coordinating their skating so that Maximus’ movements were fluid.)

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream Maximus & Rapunzel


The Grand Finale


The finale is exceptional because we get to see a special appearance by ALL the Disney royal couples. The princesses and their princes are dressed in beautiful white/ivory costumes embellished with gold and silver accents. Mickey, Minnie and Maximus also join the party dressed in their finery. The royal couples perform a flawless ice skating version of a grand ballroom dance, leaving each of us with a blissful sense of fairy tale enchantment. Truly, Disney princess fans of all ages will LOVE this Disney on Ice production!

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream Minnie in the Finale


Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream Finale Group Dance


Dare to Dream is playing at the American Airlines Center through Sunday, April 1st and there are a handful of shows left. Tickets are $75 (Rinkside), $45 (VIP), $30 and $15. Right now, you can get $4 off your ticket purchase by entering code MOM4 at

For more information, visit the Disney On Ice website, connect with Disney On Ice on Facebook,  or follow @Disney_On_Ice on Twitter. You can also check out some video previews on Youtube.

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