Feb 082012

Secret Life of Girls at Dallas Children's Theater

The Secret Life of Girls opens this weekend at the Dallas Children’s Theater and runs through February 26th.

The Secret Life of Girls is an exploration of the intense period of early adolescence when girls jockey for position amongst themselves. The play follows Abby, a middle school girl who aspires to play on the volleyball team.  When Stephanie, the volleyball team captain and the most popular girl in school, begins to spread rumors that Abby isn’t good enough, all the other girls suddenly agree.  Even the coach and a team mom enable the girls’ negative behavior.  Abby persists in her intent to play, and at the first game, serves the winning point.  Abby suddenly becomes a key player among the “in” crowd, but eventually is yet again labeled an outsider.  She falls into a deep depression.

Abby’s mom is desperately concerned, but unable to make contact with her daughter.  Meanwhile, what is causing Stephanie to spread such malicious rumors about others and behave so cruelly?  Is she, perhaps, suffering too?

The Secret Life of Girls at Dallas Children's Theater

Nancy Schaeffer, DCT’s Education Director and director of the play, says, “This play is about a specific group of girls, but in revealing this specific situation it speaks to the universal consequences that bullying anywhere can create.  This gives us an opportunity to open up a conversation.”

Ms. Daugherty adds, “I’m not a psychologist, and I’m not claiming to know the answer, but I’m opening a window to show what’s there and asking audiences to take a hard look at what they see.”  She does, however, suggest one solution, which is to name the problem.  “It’s bullying.  And it has consequences.  The Secret Life of Girls can expose and challenge this destructive behavior.”

The Secret Life of Girls is a dramatic family event with an insightful dialogue following every performance facilitated by health professionals such as Dr. Susan Sugerman of Girls to Women Health and Wellness, and representatives from The Family Place’s Be Project.

There is going to be a special guest on opening night, Friday, February 10th. Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns will discuss his experience with teen bullying in the post show facilitated dialogue.

Dallas Children’s Theater presents The Secret Life of Girls, February 10 – 26, 2012 at the Rosewood Center for Family Arts. Don’t miss The Secret Life of Girls and see why young people so desperately need to reinforce the best in themselves and others.  Visit www.dct.org for more info. or to purchase your tickets.

Enjoyed by teens and adults – not suitable for young children due to mature subject matter and language. (Recommended for age 12 and up).

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