Nov 152012

Ziggy the Zonkey in his New Home

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch Takes in Ziggy the Zonkey

I came across a press release about Ziggy the Zonkey. What’s a Zonkey I wondered?

Here’s the scoop:

Ziggy, a 9-year-old zonkey—a cross between a donkey and a zebra—has a new home with the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch sanctuary in Murchison, Texas.

Ziggy was apparently abandoned and was, thankfully, rescued by Animal Refuge Kingdom, a not-for-profit center that is both a sanctuary for abused animals and a therapeutic center for special needs children and adults.

Realizing that Ziggy’s energy level as a wild animal required more space than they could provide, Animal Refuge Kingdom reached out to staff at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch asking for their help in providing Ziggy with a life better suited to his zebra instincts.

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, a 1,250-acre sanctuary owned and operated by The Fund for Animals in partnership with The Humane Society of the United States is home to more than 1,000 animals rescued from cruelty and abuse, including a zony (Yes, a cross between a zebra and pony) named Gunter. Sanctuary staff members evaluated Ziggy and believe that he will thrive in sanctuary life.

Yay for Ziggy!  Wonderful that he has found a home well suited to his needs!


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